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A sustainable shower without any compromises

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The story

Where it all started...

During my daily shower routine I noticed that the shampoo in the bottle had run out. To be able to wash myself at that moment, I added some water to the container. After a firm shake, I was able to wash myself with a somewhat watery soap. When I went to fetch a new shampoo bottle, there was a section full of plastic shampoo bottles that would easily make me forget about the completely exploited bottle from this morning. Every thrown-away plastic bottle can be easily replaced with multiple new plastic bottles. With that in mind, I knew something had to be done about the overuse of single-use plastics in the shampoo industry WITHOUT having to sacrifice on quality like other sustainable cosmetics.

We don’t want our consumers to experience any loss in ease of use. As a result, POW(D)ER rests upon three fundamental pillars:

quality, sustainability and comfort. 

With POW(D)ER we managed to solve this recurring problem. By offering reusable containers which are crafted to be used for a long term and our POW(D)ER formula. The POW(D)ER powder can be added to the reusable container, add water and give it a shake. After this quick process you are ready to shower for X times.



dislike plastics

About 12.7 million tons of plastics end up in the ocean every year. These plastics kill millions of fish, birds, turtles, seals, whales and dolphins every single year. The animals either die from being entangled or because they are unable to digest the plastic. The plastics in the oceans fall apart into even smaller pieces which also become more and more toxic which fish can simply not avoid swallowing.

The plastics in the oceans are not only a problem of the animals in the sea but they are also a threat to us. We eat the animals that digested the toxic chemicals that plastics contain.

together we can
3 easy steps
Add a scoop

Add a scoop of POW(D)ER  to the reusable container. 

Fill it up

Add water to the reusable container which contains the scoop of POW(D)ER.


Shake the reusable container for a few seconds and enjoy your future showers!

our planet is beautiful

Let's keep it that way!


A more sustainable future is up for the grabs. Let's grab it together with ... POW(D)ER!


We're on the right track... one step at a time!

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Let nature be nature.