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the faces behind...

YOUNG BUT determined

We're Kilian and Seppe both born in 1998 and ready to take-on the fight against plastics, together with all of you!

Seppe is a master student in Finance and has already had a taste of the entrepreneurial world. A project where he's part of named IZI-Fit has won the award for best small business project of Belgium in 2019. POW(D)ER and IZI-Fit have one thing in common. Both these projects strive for less waste and a better sustainable future. Kilian on the other hand is a student in law school. We might seem to be worlds apart, but we were bitten by the same passion. Sustainability & Entrepreneurship.

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we actually care.

Our goal is to change the showering game without having to compromise on the quality of our showers. When we succeed in convincing YOU to try us out, the way to a sustainable shower is open.